Sunday, May 10

I try to make it though my life, In my way, there's you....

So I survived my first weekend without the kids. It was a little touch and go there for a while, I was extra mopy (And no you cannot ask, how could you tell?) I had a couple of teary moments but I knew they would be fine, I just didn't want to have to deal with it especially on Mother's day weekend, but such is life. On the plus, I got the guarentee of sleeping in on Sunday, YAY! And at least my babies called me which was nice. 

I signed the documents with the lawyers on Thursday so he should be getting served with them sometime this week. At least this will get the ball rolling instead of nothing happening. The sooner that we get everything finalized the happier I'll be. 
He has definately moved in with the twit, despite his protesting that he didn't. When I had asked him, he told me she was staying there on the weekends, which I didn't believe but I just let him lie if it made him feel better, that I'm not overly upset about it so there was no point in creating a fuss and giving him the impression that I give a damn about him and what he does. But he went to all the trouble of creating an incredibally implausible lie (like all his other lies) and feeding it to me to then ignore the fact that he set the phone up in her name and then called me from it. Seriously, someone break out the watering can fast!
He did sign the documents that my landlord wanted him to saying that we would be out by the end of the month, but I checked with the landlord tenent board and they have no binding on me, so I guess I'm continuing on my plan of "let's get evicted" because I can't afford rent with no support or the meger little bit that he gives me. And then he tells me that he's not giving me any this month as he's paying the landlord April's rent which does me no good whatsoever. I would love to pay the landlord some money or find a new place but I have almost no way of getting first and last. My little paycheck barely covers the car, childcare, the way past due utilities and food, there is nothing left over to save. So when I get that notice, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do but at least it will buy me some time to try and figure things out. 
Right now, I just feel like I keep climbing up a hill to get to the top only to find that there's more hill behind it and I can't even see the top....sigh.....


Anonymous said...

What was the guy in Greek myth with the ball that rolls back down the hill every time he gets it to the top for all eternity. I feel like him too.

JDH said...


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